Present Continuous Настоящее длительное время

Present Simple Настоящее простое время

Relative pronouns

Relative pronouns – who, which, whose 1.I talked to the girl          who which whose  car had broken down in front of the shop. 2.Mr Richards,          who which whose  is a taxi driver, lives on the corner. 3.We often visit our aunt in Norwich          who which whose  is in East Anglia. 4.This is the girl          who which whose  comes from Spain. 5.That's Peter, the boy          who which whose  has just arrived at the airport. 6.Thank you very much for your e-mail          who which whose  was very interesting. 7.The man,          who which whose  father is a professor, forgot his umbrella. 8.The children,          who which whose  shouted in the street, are not from our school. 9.The car,          who which whose  driver is a young man, is from Ireland.

If You Are Happy... Song 2 класс

If You Are Happy...

If you are happy, happy, happy  Clap your hands (clap,clap) (3 раза)

If you are angry, angry, angry Stamp your feet (stamp, stamp)  (3 раза)

If you are scared, scared, scared
Say " Oh, No !" (3 раза)

If you are sleepy, sleepy, sleepy
Take a nap (3 раза)

If you are happy, happy happy  Clap your hands (clap,clap) (3 раза)

Number Songs 2 класс

Number Songs

Rainbow Song 2 класс